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Curious about your credit? Let us run all three bureaus for only $1.

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Curious about your credit? Let us run all three bureaus for only $1.


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People Love us on Yelp!

Credit Repair has never been easier thanks to the hassle free approach Brilliant Credit provides our clients. If you’re looking for credit repair services to you get approved for a loan, a mortgage, or even to remove items that are lowering your credit score. Then you’ve come to the right place. Brilliant Credit gives your credit ability!
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Curious about your credit? Let us run all three bureaus for only $1.

Choosing to work with an experienced credit repair company can make the process of improving your credit easier and much more thorough than doing it yourself. Not to mention saving yourself value time. Our experience in the credit repair industry gives us an edge over the competition. If your credit score is important to you and less than what it should be, give us a call today. You’d be amazed with what we can accomplish!

Process of Credit repair:

  • Free consultation
  • Understanding what is affecting your scores
  • Discussing game plan and time frame of each clients case.
  • Weekly follow ups and Quarterly updates on files.
  • Comparison and contrast the first months report vs the most recent report.

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Your Partner’s Credit Rating Can Affect You

Just imagine a situation where after marriage, you both decide have your own dream home where you can lead your lovely life. If you are working class couple then first thing that will come in your mind will be a home mortgage. So, you get ready and apply for a home loan, but after submitting complete papers you submit, the loan is denied and the reason stated is the bad credit score of your partner. Will it be heartbreaking? Definitely it would be most heartbreaking situation, but that’s how it works. If your partner’s credit score is less then it will definitely affect your credit score.

Definitely you would be clueless about your partner’s credit score before marriage, at least in usual circumstances. So, is your dream to get a new home shattered? Don’t get depressed, there are still ways through which you can avail home loan and get your dream home. All you need is a best credit repair company with you and improve the ratings of your partner. If you don’t want to improve credit ratings then you would have to take loan with higher interest rates that may become difficult to afford.

A reputed credit fixing company will first check your partners credit history, give you complete details and show you right path using which the credit ratings can be improve sooner. If you are not in a position to avail services of company then you can always look for experienced credit repair consultants who would be providing repair services in much lower costs compared to the companies. You may have to wait for few days but it will definitely help you in availing loans in lower interest rates.

Improving credit rating is not so difficult all you have to do is reschedule your due payments and plan for the repayments. Once you start making payments your ratings will gradually increase and within short period both of you would be eligible to avail loans. Its not only about home loan, we can never predict when we would be in need of urgent financial aid and if you are prepared with good credit ratings then it would be helpful during tough times.

You can definitely consider all the hardwork and planning to increase your or your partner’s credit ratings as savings for your better future.

When Was the Last Time You Gave Yourself a Credit Rating Check?

We all know that to get a good job we need high or good qualification and experience, but do you know that to get any kind of loan or even a credit card you need to have a specific qualification? Are you surprised? Well, it is true you need to have good credit score to avail loans or credit cards swiftly.

A credit score is like marks that you get in exams, but in this scenario your previous credit history is checked and analyzed to give you a rating that determines the risk involved in lending you loan or credit card. So, if you want to avail any such financial services from banks or credit card companies then you need to have very good credit score.

Your credit reports will have complete information of all your financial aids that you have availed in the past and the payments that you have made for the same. This gives clear picture about your financial habits and how prompt you are in the repayment of loans or credit card bills.

How to Check Your Credit Score?

You can consult any credit repair consultant who can pull your complete credit report file and let you know about the credit ratings. If you have computer knowledge and access to internet then you can always see your reports online and analyze it for any kind of mistakes. A reputable credit repair company will give you suggestions on how to improve your credit ratings or how to sort out the mistakes in credit reports, if any.

It is really important for a person to regularly check his or her credit reports to ensure the score is always good. If you are not able to improve your credit score or if you want to improve the ratings sooner then you need to seek professional help of credit repairing organizations. These companies will have professionals who will help you in scoring good ratings.

Credit cleaning companies can help you to have good credit score even if you have poor credit history, but you need to hire a professional and best credit fixing company or else the result may not be as you desire. If you are in or nearby California, you can always check Brilliant credit to avail best services in the industry.

So, if you are denied any kind of loans or credit cards then it is the right time you can check your credit score and look for ways to improve it.


The Importance of Tracking Your Credit Rating

Today,  in this demanding world it would be quite impossible to find a person who has not taken or does not want utilize benefits of getting loan, let it be in the form of credit card, personal finance, finance for vehicles or house or any other loans. There are many financial institutions and banks ready to provide you loans on competitive interest rates if you have good credit score.

What is Credit Score?

Many people don’t have great idea about what is credit score, so let me tell you in a very sweet and short way that credit score of a person give information about the financial status of the person. If a person is having high credit score means it is less risk to lend the person money and vice versa. This makes it highly important to maintain high credit score ratings.

How to Improve Credit Score?

If you have any records of not paying your loan installments on time or credit card bills, then your credit score will be very less that bleaks your chances of getting any further loans. However, you don’t have to worry, nowadays there are many credit repair organizations that help in improving your credit score.

You need to check for the company that provides best credit report repair services and hire them to improve your rating, which will ensure that you can avail loans easily. While looking for the best company you need to check if the company is legit and also provide result faster, so that you get results sooner.

Your credit score can be very less if you don’t have or have very less credits, in this case also it is difficult to avail loans. Credit fix companies like Brilliant credit in California provides services to such customers to get good credit scores.

Where to Find Credit Cleaning Companies?

Today technology has made it child’s play to search for anything, all you have to do is open search engine on a computer and search for best credit fixing company and you would be shown a huge list of companies providing the services. You need to very careful before hiring the services. So, it would be nice if you check their background, customer reviews and the methods they use to improve your credit score.

If all goes well then within very short period you will see your credit score improving.


Small Financial Decisions that Help Your Status

Planning and managing financial details is the most difficult task and any small mistake can have adverse affect on your life also. Today, younger generation is not giving much importance to financial planning or financial management, but in future this habit will raise complicated situations for them. Even small financial decisions can change your life and make it either simple or complicated.

For instance just take payment of your credit card bills, it may be small amount, but if you pay it on time then it would clear sooner and you will not have to pay any kind of extra late payment fees or extra interest on the due payment. Even if the bill is huge, you can schedule it in such a way that you pay at regular intervals so that the burden is reduced and cleared soon. If you wait to arrange the whole amount and pay together then you will have to shed more money as late payment charges and also extra interest on that amount. Moreover in this whole process you are neglecting your credit ratings.

Once you are married then you would definitely require more finance for purchasing new home or vehicle or financial aid for some other thing. You would be eligible to get financial aids at very lower interest rates only if you have good credit ratings, which means if you have paid all your previous loans or bill payments on time. Lot of people ignore these things and think that they can pay the extra charges or interest after some time, but they don’t realized that this habit actually is damaging their credit ratings that would hurt them in future.

If your credit rating has already damaged then it is the right time you consult a good credit repair company to enhance your credit scores. They would also suggest you to pay your bills on time, but they can give you more deep suggestions and help you to come out of your tough time. Searching for credit repair company has become effortless today, all you need to have is computer with internet. In your search engine type fix my credit rating and you will see list of companies and consultants who are ready to provide their services.

Selecting best credit Restoration Company is very necessary to get proper results in short time. A professional and experienced company will give you complete details about your credit history and the faults that you have made and also the remedies for it.

Managing your Bad Credit like a Boss

Many people did not know the importance of having a good credit rating and realize it once they try to avail any kind of loans or apply for credit cards. Actually, one can save money while availing loans if the credit score is high. People with good credit ratings get loan in lesser interest rates. So, don’t waste more time and stat implementing strategies to escalate your credit scores.

Most people believe that if they are denied from any kind of loans then they are blacklisted, but it is just a myth. Loan is denied just because of the credit score and once the ratings are improved none of the banks can refuse to pay the loan. So, now before you plan to apply for any kind of loans or for any credit cards first you need to check your credit scores. If the score is low then you need to look for companies providing credit report repair services.

First thing you need to check is, if you have any pending payments and then talk to the respective representatives to arrange new payment schedules. This will give positive results for your credit scores. Always ensure that you pay some amount more than minimum payable amount for your credit card payments as it will also give positive enhancement on your credit score.

If you want deep information or fast improvements in your credit score then you either need to have discussions with professional credit repair consultant or hire a reputable credit repair company. These organizations usually have experienced professionals working for them who can guide you in the right way to improve your credit scores.

If you don’t have much idea about such companies then you can always rely on internet to search for the same. Just open the search engine and look for fix my credit rating, you will be presented with a huge list of companies providing credit score repairing services. However, before hiring services of any company ensure that you have checked their background, experience and old customer feedbacks. It will definitely narrow down the long list and present you with legit companies.

If you follow the instructions given by credit cleaning companies then within short period you would be able to avail loans or credit cards. Its not only about availing the loan good credit score will ensure that you are getting the best interest rates.


How to Enhance Your Credit Score and Why Is It So Important

Credit score has become the latest buzz in the financial sector where every bank and financial institution refers the credit report of the customer before providing them any loan services. This has made it necessary for everyone to regularly check for their credit score before applying for any kind of loans or credit cards. However, if your credit score is not good or it has few black spots, you need not worry as you can still work out and improve the rating.

How to Improve Ratings?

  • There would be times when you will face difficulties in repaying your previous credits on time and it will affect your credit score negatively. However, you can always have a discussion with bank representative or manager to sort the issue by having new scheduled payment terms without affecting your credit score. You can also seek help of reputable credit repair organization in this regard.
  • If you have good habits like taking copies of your credit reports and going through the information in detail then it would definitely help in maintaining your credit score. Even small mistakes like tagging on time payment as late, mentioning wrong mailing address can negatively affect your credit score. If you have hired a good company to help cleaning up credit score then their agents will point out all these mistakes.
  • Every credit statement will mention the minimum payment that you need to make by specific time so that you don’t get any penalty or extra interest. You always need to ensure that you pay bit more than the minimum amount mentioned as this will definitely improve your ratings and it will also help in clearing your debts faster. Most of the experienced credit repair consultants suggest the same to their clients.
  • If you have a credit card and you are not using it then also your credit score would depreciate. You need to make small purchases and make on time payments of the same to increase your credit ratings.

All the above mentioned techniques are very helpful in improving your credit rating without which you cannot even get a credit card today. There are numerous credit cleaning companies waiting to help you in understanding and improving your credit ratings with very less efforts. Recently, if you have tried for credit cards or loans then you would have understood the importance of good credit ratings, so don’t waste more time and spend it wisely on improving your credit ratings.



Credit Cards Can Benefit Credit Rating

Are you confused about what kind of credit cards you should use or are you looking for a source to repair your credit rating? Then your search stops here as in few minutes you will understand better about credit card system and tips to improve your credit ratings.

Today credit cards have become the basic need and it would be difficult to spot a person without it. Does it mean that every person holding a credit card has decent job or has good credit ratings? Definitely not, you would be surprised to know that there are credit cards for people having low or bad credit score. The only issue is the initial cost to get the credit card, which is high and the interest rates on the purchases will be higher compared to other cards.

Now either you need to get mentally and physically prepared to accept this and start paying more interest or you need to seek help of best credit fixing company to improve your credit ratings. Actually, for many people credit card or loan is the cushion through which they can make a way to come out of their financial problems and start a better life.

Then comes prepaid cards where you need to deposit certain amount to get credit card and the credit limit of the card depends on the amount you have deposited. This option is used by some people who believe credit cards can spoil their art of saving money. Nothing wrong with this as at any point of time if you are not able to pay the bills, the credit card company will take the deposit and your bills will be cleared. However, prepaid credit cards never help in increasing your credit ratings.

Next comes the secured credit cards that are issued to the person who has really good credit score. These credit cards will have very less interest rates on the purchases and the one time fees also will be very less. If you are unaware about your credit score or have not checked it from a long time then it would advisable to hire a professional and experienced credit repair consultant.

The best option is to increase your credit ratings and apply for secured credit cards because it will definitely save a lot of your money than credit cards for bad credits. Moreover, secure cards provide better chance to improve your ratings further more.

Confessions of the Extreme Savers

Have you ever thought how your neighbor is able to save more money than you and buy luxurious items while you are not? Only a proper financial management can help in saving money. Credit and debt management is very important topic and everybody should have good knowledge about it. Have you come across a situation where your friend or co-worker gets some kind of loan or credit card whereas you are denied? Have you though why it happened to you?

Well, this is also part of financial management using which your friends or co-worker scored good credit ratings and became eligible to get credit cards or other loans. According to the survey conducted by various leading financial organizations, there are very few people who are not using credit cards or have not taken loans. However, proper management of their credits has allowed them to balance their life and save money.

As per experienced financial consultants and credit repair service providers, most of the people take long time to get out of their tough time only because they don’t have proper knowledge about credit management or they are not able to prioritize they credit repayments. If you are also facing any such situations then don’t waste time in thinking and look for a good credit repair consultant and try to balance your life.

Getting a loan or credit card in today’s world is not so difficult part but repayment definitely matters a lot because if you don’t plan properly then you will find yourself in a situation where you would never want to be. Once you get into the category of people who are defaulters while paying their bills or loans then its clear that your life has become a mess. You would not be able to get any more loans because of your bitter credit history and during needy time you would regret for wrongful past decisions.

So, its better to look for best credit repair company and discuss your present situation with them to lay a proper plan for repayment of your credits, increase your credit ratings and to have good credit score. Having a good credit score is definitely like savings for your future. Once you learn financial management then you would be able to save money from your income itself so that you don’t have to take any more loans.

Better Management of Credit Card Debt and Mortgages

You may be surprised to know that today most of the Americans do not have any idea about credit or debt management. Well, they realize about the importance of credit or debit management once they have already done some damage to their credit scores. Lot of people are facing issues because they were not having any clue about credit scores and credit management. If you are managing your credits properly then every passing month is pushing you into a ditch and you are complicating things. If you are also facing problems with your debt or credit management then follow instructions as mentioned below.

Always Clear Bills on Time

Don’t be lazy or delay payments of your credit card bills or loan repayments because delaying not only will cause you more interest but will also have negative effect on your credit score. So, plan everything in advance so that you don’t miss any of your bill payments. If you can develop this habit then your credit score will improve nicely, which can be helpful in future. This is the first and the best suggestion you will get from any experienced credit repair consultant also.


Be in Touch With Your Creditor

Every Credit repair company suggest their customers to have constant touch with their respective creditors as it helps in maintaining in your credit score even if you miss few payments. Even the creditors will have many management plans for their customers, but first you need to have discussions with them to know about it.  It is common to miss few bill payments but before making it worse situation you need to talk with your creditors and have different payment schedules. This will not have any negative effect on your credit score also.


Prioritize Payments

This is the main part where you can always seek professional helps from reputable credit repair companies. You need to know which payment should be paid first and which can be delayed if there is no other option. Credit card payments are something that should not be delayed at any cost because not only it will cost you late payment charges and extra interest on the amount, but it will also have too much negative effect on your credit score.

Once you learn about debt management you will see that it is very easy to clear your debts and maintain your credit score.

Amending Credit Rating for Future Finances

There is no doubt that if your credit score is not good then it would not be easy for you to avail any kind of mortgages or loans or credit cards. Most of the people are not aware about credit scores and its importance, therefore most of the populace has bad credit scores. However, there are few lending companies which provide financial aids to people with bad credit scores.

Normally individuals get bad credit score when they are not able to pay their debts or credit card bills on time, mostly because of availing loans from different lending companies without having proper planning. If you are stuck in such conditions then it would be better to look for a reputed credit fixing company and solve your situations as soon as possible.

If your credit score is not good then definitely you would be denied from availing loans or good credit cards, but that’s not the end of it, you still have the opportunity to avail for loans or credit cards provided you hire a professional and experience credit repair consultant and improve your credit score. Normally people face credit score related problems when they look for home mortgage as this is the time when you need urgent and more financing than any other time.

You will be surprised to know that there are lending companies ready to provide financial aids to people with bad credit ratings. However, if your rating is down then your interest rates will go high and the documentation formality would be more. Moreover, you would be charged with high processing charges and late fee charges if you ever miss out any payments. There are people who agree for this also because they don’t have idea about how they can improve their credit ratings.

Moreover during certain conditions people are so desperate to get financial aid that they don’t give much concentration on the interest rates and other charges. Later on when the payback time arrives they get stuck and then opt for another mortgage. This can be simply solved if they look for reputed credit cleaning companies and increase their credit scores at the first place. This will help them in availing mortgages in lesser interest rates.

If younger generation concentrates on their credit ratings from the beginning then it can act as saving for their future financial needs as it would be easy to get any loans or credit cards easily with less interest rates.